Important Features to Look for in an Android TV Box


Maybe you have a high-end TV with high-quality image clarity and great sound. Other than the HDMI connector, it might not have other important features. It does not connect to Wi-Fi, it does not have voice search, or games, and no features for casting content. Getting an expensive smart TV is not a solution. According to, you should get an Android TV box.

Voice Search

An Android TV box has an important feature known as Google Assistant. With this feature, you only need to press a button on the remote and use your voice commands. If you want to access a certain app, you only need to say its name. You can use the voice search feature to get access to different TV shows and movies. Also, you can use it to control the volume, find additional information, and download apps.

Built-in Chromecast

An Android TV box allows you to cast different types of content from your smartphone or laptop. This feature allows you to make most out of your games and you can play your favorite games on TV. For instance, you can connect the TV box and your smartphone to same Wi-Fi network and enjoy playing your games.

Use Your Smartphone as a Remote

If you cannot find a remote, you can download the app and use your smartphone to control your TV. With the availability of third-party apps, it is possible to use a smartphone as a touchpad, mouse, or keyboard.

Internal Memory Extension

There are times you need extra space on your smart TV box. If that is the case, you should use USB-drive, micro SD, NAS server, or cloud storage. Most Android TV boxes allow you to expand internal storage. You only need to connect your extra storage device and choose it as your default memory storage. This will allow you to install apps to both the internal memory and external memory devices.

Wireless Gamepad Compatibility

You cannot play Google Play games with your remote control. This means you need a gamepad that can be connected via USB or Bluetooth. Make sure you get Android-compatible gamepad. This will work no matter the type or brand.

Supports Games

Your Android TV box should allow you to cast games on the TV. Moreover, it should allow you to download games from the Google Play Store and enjoy playing them. As you probably know, Google Play provides a range of games that can be played with a gamepad.


There are many features that come with an Android TV box. The above are only a few of them. Additionally, the available features can vary from one brand of TV box to another. With the right smart TV box, you have Google’s user-friendly interface on your TV. You will also get all your personalized suggestions and recommendations on the web browser and YouTube. Sometimes the TV box will come with pre-installed apps. You are free to install more apps or uninstall apps that you do not require.


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