A little over a month after Facebook announced a test blending Instagram Reels’ short-form video content with its main Facebook app, the company is ready to roll it out fully in the US. Now, the creators who use it can create reels on Facebook, and Facebook is testing suggestions that will push the videos to its users.

A big part of the Reels effort is appealing to the people who make entertaining content, and with its news feed, Facebook can offer potential levels of exposure that are bigger than anyone else, including competition like TikTok and Snapchat. To drive the point home, Facebook announced a Reels Play bonus program, which will invite certain creators to get paid based on the performance of their reels.

Interested parties can sign up for the bonus program, but even if you’re not yet a pro at going viral, you can still create a Reel on Facebook. If you’re not familiar with the feature that Instagram added a year ago, it’s very similar to TikTok, with tools for you to easily edit videos with your own audio or popular song clips from the library, AR effects, and stitching.

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