How To Buy FUT Coins?


FIFA is no longer a game but has earned the respect of a lifestyle. It is an electronic football game series localized in 18 languages and available in about 51 countries.

Over time the game evolved and is now one of the most widely played games. FUT is nothing but a gaming mode in FIFA that allows you to build your team and win awards by winning online and offline matches. It stands for FIFA Ultimate Team.

Coins are essential to building your squad in the game. However, you can win coins by playing matches, selling using the Quick Sell feature, or receiving coins as rewards. But what if an important game is approaching and you lack some dimes? Hence, you must know how to buy fut coins, which are sometimes lifesaving!

Guide For Buying FUT Coins

There are many websites from where you can purchase FUT 22 coins.  But if you want a safe purchase, below is the guide to buying FIFA coins efficiently and securely from

  1. Open the official website and log in to your account. Select the FUT22 coins from the visible menu and select your console. Here you’ll find FUT coins for PlayStation, Xbox, Mobile, and PC devices.
  2. After selecting your console, you will see a page with a box reading Enter Amount. Here type the number of coins you want to buy. Then click the Buy Now button.
  3. Next, you’ll see a webpage with different payment methods. Choose the one you wish to use and populate your respective details. Once done, click Check Out.
  4. Now go to Member Center and click the option Get Coins on the top bar.
  5. You will see a page with different transfer methods. Select the Comfort Trade 3.0 and click the green button saying Go.
  6. A page requiring the account information appears. Fill in the correct details and check the box reading ‘I have signed out from all my devices, including console, web app, and mobile. Then click the Submit button.
  7. Next, you can view your Delivery History to see the transferring process. Wait until the transfer completes.

Note: Don’t log in to your account while processing the transfer.

Does Buying FUT Coins Get You Banned?

EA Sports has an online system for detecting coin purchases of the users. Although there are many safe sellers, sometimes fate catches up, and the authority notices the purchase. In most cases, EA bans the seller’s account rather than the buyer. However, there are some ways to avoid the banning.

  • Avoid buying a large sum of coins on the fly. Large transfers catch the attention of the authority, resulting in a ban.
  • Try to use the coins as quickly as possible. Sometimes, the monitoring system gets suspicious about the consistent coin number in your account.
  • Don’t buy from new sites you can’t find user reviews for on other platforms. Experimenting with an uncommon site increases the chances of the ban.
  • Lastly, choose legit sellers for buying FUT coins.

Wrap Up

FIFA’s 2022 version is called FIFA Ultimate Team 22 or FUT 22, which allows custom team building using FUT coins. However, sometimes, times require an instant solution. Here, buying coins solves the problem.

Buying coins from trustworthy sites is extremely important otherwise, EA Sports bans your account. Fortunately, buyfifacoins is a legitimate site with thousands of trusted users. A brief guide on the purchasing process is present above.

Since there is no official process to buy coins in FIFA, the monitoring system notices the transfers and bans the account. However, the ban chances reduce if you use legit sites, transfer a smaller number of coins and use them quickly.


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