How can you fix a lace frontal lift?


It can be really unpleasant if your lace frontal wig keeps on lifting. Whether at a party, on a date or in a meeting, lifting of wig can make you feel terrible. It will also ruin your style and look. Many women in wig-wearing communities have once in a while faced this issue. It depends upon the wig you are wearing, and the adhesive or lace material also plays a crucial role in this regard. That’s why before buying a wig online or from the market, you should first consider whether the wig you are buying is of good material or not. You can buy a good lace front wig from a trustworthy website to avoid the problem of wig lift. Below are some tips that will help you fix the lace frontal wig lift. You should know the reasons for wig lifting first.

Why does your wig keep lifting?

There can be many reasons for the wig to lift or start falling off. Here are some causes of your lace front wig rising from your scalp or skin. You can look at these and find the right one for you.

  • You are living in a humid area or location
  • Water can go into the open edges while bathing or in the rain.
  • You are sweating excessively.
  • Adhesive or glue is not good enough

How to fix the lace front lift?

There are a few steps that will help you if your lace frontal wig is lifting and there is no option for replacement. You must get these items from the market to fix the lift.

  • 250 ml bottle of 91% alcohol.
  • Holding spray or wig glue
  • Cotton swab and paper towel
  • Dryer for blowing the area
  • Piece of a silk scarf

Step 1

Separate the wig cap from the wig using your fingers. And soak the 91 percent alcohol on a cotton swab or paper towel. All the glue should come outside while the lace front wig cap rises.

Step 2

Now use the soaked cotton swab or paper towel on the lace of the wig and clean the glue on the wig properly.

Step 3

Now take a small amount of wig glue or spray for the scalp. Rub the glue or spread on the scalp evenly under the front part of the wig.

Step 4

Add a layer again after the first layer is dried. It usually takes a few seconds to dry. Then after passing some time, add a third layer.

Step 5

Now press the wig on your head and hold it for a few minutes so that it can melt and stick well.

Step 6

Use the cool drying option in the blow dryer so the lace can stick to the hairline. You can also use a scarf or piece of cloth to tie the wig on your head if you don’t want to hold the wig with your hand.

Step 7

Remove the cloth after 10-15 minutes and spray a little bit of product appropriately along the hairline. This will help in better sticking the lace front wig to your head.


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